What is an adult theater?

Answer An adult theater is place where adults over the age of 18 can go to view movies, plays, or other forms of entertainment that are of a sexual or explicit nature. The entertainment may feature nudity... Read More »

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Carryville TN adult theater?

They show adult movies. They were popular before VCR's and adult material was available on the internet.True story: My father was stationed at FT Campbell Kentucky. Outside of Gate #2 across the f... Read More »

What should you as an adult do about an underage relative dating an adult?

It depends on the age of the "underage" relative. If they are 17 or older i would let it be. however, if any younger i would tell mom or dad. after all its family right????

Are there security cameras inside the movie theater , theater?

No there are no cameras in the theater but we do have ushers check the theater routinely and the projectionist can see exactly whats going on from the projection window, so we can pretty much see e... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Profit Theater & a Not for Profit Theater?

The simplest difference between a not-for-profit theater and a for-profit or commercial theater is that the former uses a majority of its margins to further its purposes, while the latter is a busi... Read More »