What is an address book?

Answer An address book is a collection of a person's personal contacts, usually listed in alphabetical order including each contact's name, street address, email address, phone number and any other import... Read More »

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What is an email address book?

An email address book is a database of names, email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers maintained for the purpose of composing and sending email to people over the Internet. Having an ... Read More »

What is Oprahs address for book submissions?

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What to Do If My Email Is Sending Spam to My Address Book?

Many email users have experienced the following scenario: You log into your email account, only to find that every person in your address book has been "spammed" with cryptic email messages, often ... Read More »

ICloud : What if I accidentally delete all my address book data on my iPhone?

Yes, as Apple say 'It keeps everything up to date, and does it immediately' As a side note, in Gmail you can restore your contacts back to sometime in the past, iCloud does have this tough.