What is an adaptive headlight system?

Answer Adaptive headlights are a new innovation in vehicle technology. One of the advances in technology, car builders have devised ways to increase visibility while driving at night, including adaptive ... Read More »

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What is an adaptive menu in Windows Office Word?

An adaptive menu "remembers" which menu functions you use the most often, and then moves those functions to the top of the list for easier access. The adaptive menu feature can be turned off if mul... Read More »

Troubleshooting the Fiero Headlight System?

There are a variety of reasons the electric headlight actuators in a Pontiac Fiero could fail. Electrical connection, mechanical jamming and the integrity of the headlamp fuse could be to blame.

How to Troubleshoot the Headlight System in a 1994 Grand Cherokee?

The 1994 Grand Cherokee features a headlight system with four main electrical components: the headlight bulbs, the wiring harness that feeds electricity to the headlight bulbs, the fuse the operate... Read More »

What Does Lack of Ho2s21 Switch - Adaptive Fuel at Limit Mean?

Vehicle sensors communicate engine performance information to a car's on board computer. This information can take the form of a diagnostic trouble code, or DTC, like the code described as "Lack of... Read More »