What is an adaptation for a rosy periwinkle?

Answer Madagascar

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How can I have rosy cheeks & add a rosy glow to my complexion naturally?

Take a pomegranite and squeaze the juices out of it. It needs to be fresh. Then take the juice and lather it onto your cheeks. Be careful, it stains clothes.To get a nice glow, follow this treat... Read More »

What is the color periwinkle?

The color periwinkle is a soft, chalky blue that gets its name and color from a flower of the same name. According to, bees prefer blue flowers. Periwinkle blue is associated with seren... Read More »

What color is periwinkle yarn?

"Periwinkle yarn" can refer to a particular blue-violet pastel shade, sometimes described as pale indigo. It can also refer to a specific brand of yarn. Henry's Attic Periwinkle is a 100 percent un... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name periwinkle?

The name periwinkle refers to a kind of mollusk, the common periwinkle (Littorina littorea). It can also refer to the vinca plant, or to a pale blue-violet color. The word originates from the Old E... Read More »