What is an ad hoc network?

Answer An ad hoc network is a network that allows computers with wireless network adapters to share resources without requiring a wireless access point. A user creates the ad hoc network on one computer a... Read More »

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What channel is Oprah Winfrey network on bright house network?

What should I do if my wireless network won't show up on the network list?

First check the router to make sure that the visibility of the wifi is enabled - My routers are hidden by choice and do not broadcast their SSID's (making them invisible). Reset the router - The pr... Read More »

What cable network began life as the Pinwheel Network in the 1970s on QUBE in Columbus Ohio?

What happens if I access an open wireless network that if I don't know the owner of the network?

If they find out they can have you arrested for theft of services.