What is an acoustic neuroma?

Answer Acoustic neuroma is a non-cancerous or benign tumor that develops on the eighth cranial or vestibulocochlear nerve, which connects the ear to the brain. It is also known as vestibular schwannoma or... Read More »

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Acoustic Neuroma Gamma Knife Results?

An acoustic neuroma is a type of brain tumor for which surgery was once the only treatment. In the 1960s, a machine called the Gamma Knife was invented, and since then, has been used to treat more ... Read More »

Do you need an acoustic amp to play an electric acoustic instrument?

You do not need an acoustic amp to play an electric acoustic instrument. Acoustic amps are designed with different speaker configurations to enhance the sound of an acoustic instrument, however, y... Read More »

What Is Neuroma in the Breast?

When a neuroma develops, abnormal growth of nerve tissue has occurred. This can happen after a woman has undergone a mastectomy for breast cancer. Postoperative pain will persist long after the bre... Read More »

Topical Treatment for Neuroma?

A neuroma is a benign nerve tissue growth. Morton’s neuroma is a common and painful form of neuroma that strikes a nerve in a patient’s foot between the third toe and the fourth toe.