What is an acid carboy?

Answer An acid carboy is a 6.5-gallon glass or plastic container. They are basically the same as regular carboys and can be used to store fluids such as wine, beer or laboratory chemicals.UsesBrewing is t... Read More »

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How to Size Carboy Corks?

A carboy is a container used to transport or store liquids and is also used in home-brewing systems. Carboys are also commonly used in laboratories. They come in a variety of sizes and can use a sc... Read More »

How to Make Cloth Covers for a Carboy?

According to the American Homebrewer's Association (AHA), carboys are "narrow-necked glass, plastic, or earthenware bottles sometimes encased in wicker or in a plastic or wood frame" and are used d... Read More »

What Happens to Pyruvic Acid Before Entering the Citric Acid Cycle?

Glycolysis is a series of reactions that result in the breakdown of the sugar glucose and is part of the cellular respiration process; whereby glucose is ultimately converted into usable forms of e... Read More »

What acid is used to acid stain concrete?

Concrete floors are acid stained with a mixture of water, metal salts and hydrochloric acid. The specific kind of metal salts added to the stain vary based on the stain color desired.Source:Finer L... Read More »