What is an ace in tennis?

Answer One of the most important shots in tennis is the serve, because it is this shot that starts each and every point of the match. Being able to hit an "ace" when serving is a quick way to win a point ... Read More »

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How to Get Better at Tennis?

Want to get better at tennis? You may not be a very good player at first, but with practice, you could improve a lot.

How to Hit a Lob in Tennis?

There are lots of shots in tennis,the lob shot is one of the best if played well. A lob is when your opponent is at the net and you hit the ball over their head.

How to Hit a Tennis Ball?

Looking to become the next Andre Agassi? Hold on there, it might take some time. But if you have realistic goals, tennis can be fun and not too difficult to learn. Tennis is a great sport because y... Read More »

What does the tennis bracelet mean?

Tennis bracelets, a popular gift item, do not have a special significance or meaning, said Susan Robinson of Susan Robinson Jewelry. The bracelet, which is usually made of gold, has diamonds that c... Read More »