What is an accountant's job?

Answer Accountants record and analyze financial transactions for individuals and businesses. The average income for accountants in May 2008 was $65,840, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An acc... Read More »

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Description of Job Duties for New Accountants?

An accountant is an essential position for most companies. The accounting department ensures that paperwork is in order, bookkeeping is up to date, and the company has their taxes and financial obl... Read More »

Job Description of Audit Accountants?

Accurate and reliable financial information is the lifeblood of a free market. Public accounting auditors play an invaluable role as objective third parties who attest to the validity of financial... Read More »

How many hours do accountants work?

Accountants usually work 40 hours a week. However, it is not uncommon for accountants to work more than 50 hours weekly, especially during tax time, which is January to April each year.Source:Burea... Read More »

How much money do accountants make?

In 2009, the average salary of an entry-level accountant ranged from $50,000 to $70,000. As you gain more experience, your income increases. Your income also depends on where you are working. At Bi... Read More »