How to: Absentee Voting?

Answer The U.S. Government provides absentee ballots for citizens who are active-duty military and their families or who live outside the country. In addition, a free Federal Voting Assistance Program pro... Read More »

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How to Absentee Vote in Wisconsin?

Those who are temporarily living outside their municipality, or who will be absent on election day, can still vote in federal, state and local elections. Any registered voter may vote absentee in W... Read More »

What is a ballot box?

A ballot box is a container used to hold ballots during an election. It is typically designed so that the ballots, which are slips of paper, are placed inside through a slot. After the election is ... Read More »

Can you refuse to allow an absentee father to visit his child?

Absent Fathers It depends. If the father was never around to begin with and he simply shows up at your door one day, then yes. This is because you have 100% total custody of the child and all legal... Read More »

What is a proxy ballot?

A proxy ballot is one that stockholders of a company can use to vote on corporate business matters without being present at meetings. A stockholder can also use such a ballot to transfer voting rig... Read More »