Can an abnormal period be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Abnormal Periods as Symptoms I had a abnormal period, but found out I was not pregnant. Its my understanding that although pregnancy can occur right before your period starts or during if you have ... Read More »

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Lower abdominal and back pain and nausea and abnormal period?

You could be pregnant. Do you have any other symptoms and what do you mean abnormal period?

Is is abnormal to get your first period after age 13 (Girls Only)?

It is totally normal. Recently women have been starting their menstural cycle earlier in life, but it is normal to start it up to about 15.

You have pregnancy symptoms and had an abnormal period at the right time but all hpt are still negative... I would be one month pregnant if I were?

Answer Hello,It's possible you tested too early. You need to see your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in place of a Medical experts.

What is abnormal infarct?

Abnormal means unusual or peculiar.Infarct means a localized area of ischemic (deficiency of blood in a part, due to functional constriction or actual obstruction of a blood vessel) necrosis (death... Read More »