What is an Russian olive?

Answer Please see related link below.a Russian olive is a tree with olives on it.

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How do i prune russian olive trees?

Pruning MethodsPinch off young stem tips between your finger tips to control growth and prevent major pruning later. Russian olive trees normally have a pyramid shape, but you can shape them any wa... Read More »

Are Russian olive trees poisonous for cows?

Russian olive trees are listed as nontoxic on ASPCA's website. However, they do have a high potential for causing stomach distress in cows, horses and other animals and pets, and may even cause dea... Read More »

Is a russian olive tree poisonous when burned?

A Russian Olive Tree isn't poisonous when burned. Other names for the tree include Autumn Olive and Silverberry. The ASPCA lists the Russian Olive Tree as non-toxic--although it could be toxic if t... Read More »

How Far Apart to Plant Seedless Russian Olive Trees?

Elaeagnus angustifolia, more commonly known as seedless Russian olive, are fast-growing deciduous trees prized for their silvery foliage, fragrant yellow blossoms and olive-like fruit. These attrac... Read More »