What is an NTFS partition?

Answer A computer's hard disk drive may have several partitions. These partitions may have any type of file system installed on them. NTFS, short for New Technology File System, is one type of file system... Read More »

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How to Enlarge an NTFS Partition?

An NTFS partition provides you with the storage space to store files using the Windows operating system. An NTFS partition is set-up when installing Windows. When adding a hard drive or delineating... Read More »

How to Delete an NTFS Partition in DOS?

The MS-DOS command prompt in Windows gives you a wide variety of command-line options, including the ability to create and delete partitions. The DiskPart utility (pre-installed in Windows XP, Vist... Read More »

Can bootcamp partition as an ntfs?

Boot Camp can read but not partition NTFS drives. This software is designed to partition hard drive space to allow compatible versions of Windows to run on Apple Mac computers.References:Apple: B... Read More »

How to Format an NTFS Partition in DOS?

The MS-DOS prompt (the command prompt application) is a command-line program where you can execute a variety of different programs on your computer. One of these programs allows you to format a par... Read More »