What is an Item-Rate Contracts Or Percentage Rate Contracts?

Answer In item rate contracts means each and every work of the building having an separate rate. for example construction of a building earth work having separate rate PCC having Separate rate, RCC Having... Read More »

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What Ways Does Construction Contracts Differ From Other Contracts?

Like all contracts, construction contracts must have the essential elements of offer, acceptance and consideration. The contracted activities must also be legal. In broad terms, they don't differ.... Read More »

Differences Between Contracts of Employment & Contracts for Services?

In the business world there are many different types of work relationships between companies and individuals. Some positions come with benefits provided by the employer as well as certain legal obl... Read More »

What is the percentage rate of virginia's inheritance tax?

If you inherit cash or other assets in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you will not pay an inheritance tax; Virginia's government does not asses an inheritance tax, according to to the website Bankra... Read More »

What Is a Good Percentage Rate of Return?

The goal of investing is to get the maximum return with minimum risk in the shortest time. There are no absolute numbers that constitute a "good" or a "bad" rate of return -- the return should alwa... Read More »