What is an Ita palm fruit?

Answer The Ita palm, Mauritia flexuosa, is a very tall palm tree. Its fruit is reddish brown and covers an edible nut. The Ita palm fruit is one of the most frequently used plant fruits in the Amazon rain... Read More »

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Is there a vegan margarine with no palm fruit/palm fruit oil?

There are so many different types now you almost need a doctorate.It is possibly that the manager of that section of the supermarket may know all about all of the different products, but I think th... Read More »

What is palm fruit oil?

Palm fruit oil can be found in the fruit of the oil palm. This oil is different from palm kernel oil in both properties and composition, according to This oil contains vitam... Read More »

What fruit comes from a palm tree?

Coconuts and many varieties of dates are well-known fruits of palm trees. The range of edible products of these trees includes betel nuts, drupes (small fruits) and a large, peach-like fruit.Source... Read More »

How to Prune a Date Fruit Palm?

Date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) can have between 120 and 180 fronds, each living between five to eight years. The fronds need no care as long as they are green and upright. Date palms are a low ma... Read More »