What is an Irish sporrans?

Answer An Irish sporran is an essential part of any highland wardrobe. Derived from the Gaelic word for "purse," a sporran is simply a pouch worn in combination with a kilt.FunctionSince kilts don't have ... Read More »

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Who led the Irish Republican Army during the Anglo-Irish war?

How did the Irish Republican Army affect Irish History?

The actual Irish Republican Army under Michael Collins waged a campaign against the British which ultimately led to the establishment of the Irish Free State. The IRA later waged a war against the ... Read More »

What is the irish gift of gab?

The "Gift of the Gab" is a mythical talent for eloquence in conversation that is said to be bestowed by kissing a famous stone, and is often attributed to people who are from Ireland or who have Ir... Read More »

What is an irish breakfast?

Its a fry up consisting of pork sausages, bacon rashers, egg, black pudding, white pudding, and soda bread accompanied by tea or coffee. Its yuuuuuum!