What is an Inverter I'M Looking for a power solutions for a on the go pc.?

Answer inverter allows you to plug stuff in to your lighter that runs on AC. So it converts your lighter to support AC devices like a laptop or TV.

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How to Build a Remote Switch for a Power Inverter Using the Plug End on the End of the Inverter?

A remote switch is a wired switch that can be located a specific distance away from the device it is controlling. Connecting a remote switch to a power inverter would allow you to be able to contro... Read More »

Can a 240 watt 2.0amp dc-ac power inverter power a compact fridge?

Answer AnswerIf, when you state "...240 watt 2.0amp..." you are indicating that 2 amps, or 240 watts at 120 volts, then that inverter will power a device which does NOT draw more than that amount o... Read More »

Will a 100-watt power inverter power an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 will run with a 100-watt power inverter in your car. The Xbox 360 only requires 65 watts of power to work. You can find Xbox 360s in most big box stores and electronic stores.Source:Ko... Read More »

How to Test a Power Inverter?

A power inverter is a device designed to convert direct current power or DC power to alternating current power or AC power. These devices are used in automobiles, trucks and RVs to provide power to... Read More »