What is an Internet phone?

Answer Skype, Vonage, and Magic Jack are all examples of Internet phones. Understanding these phones, what they are and how they work will help in deciding if they are the right choice versus traditional... Read More »

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How do you get your phone to receive internet through wireless internet and not your phone service provider?

As far as I know, in the Usa, it was the G1; aka the htc dream. Manufactured by htc for the T mobile network in October 2008. It's successor is the G2; aka htc desire Z.

Why doesn't my android phone send texts and phone calls over the internet when its in a dead spot for phone service?

The X8 is a mile ahead of the game here. The Razor is very cheap and tacky and a very badly-rounded phone, whereas the X8 can compete with higher end phones in some areas.

Comcast Internet+Phone or Verizon Internet+Phone?

I recommend comcast. Comcast gives you much more i've actually had both Verizon fios when its raining the signal goes out & the internet is just horrible and slow and goes off every time right now ... Read More »

What can you do legally if a 20-year-old man in a different state is chatting with your 16-year-old daughter on the internet and phone and you caught her sending suggestive pictures via camera phone?

Answer Legally you can't really do anything unless you can prove he's trying to solicit her for sex, but it sounds like they were chatting. She willingly sent photos to him over the web, so she's n... Read More »