What is an ISO administrator?

Answer The ISO administrator works in a company's information technology department. He is responsible for executing all new standards implemented by the International Organization for Standardization and... Read More »

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Vista won't let me install HP Printer disc. Because it says I have to be administrator. I am administrator.?

1 start menu2 click your display pic on the top right3 turn on/off user accounts4 check UAC

What is an hp administrator?

HP stands for Hewlett Packard, a company that makes computers and printers, among other things. The HP administrator password protects computer settings and the computer system identification. The ... Read More »

How to Log on as the Administrator in XP?

Windows XP has a built-in default account called the "Administrator." This account has complete control over the computer and is useful as a backup account on the computer or to make system changes... Read More »

What is the job of an administrator?

Administrators are the people who have to stay until the job is finished. They facilitate and referee; they manage corporations, people, materials and systems. They are sometimes praised for succes... Read More »