What is an IRA annuity and can I withdraw from it at retirement?

Answer An IRA annuity is nothing more than an annuity with special paperwork that encloses it inside an Individual Retirement Account. Like any IRA, the money will be available for you to withdraw without... Read More »

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How to Withdraw from a Retirement Annuity?

A retirement annuity is a supplemental savings program that allows money in the annuity to grow tax-deferred. Retirement annuities are either qualified, such as employer-sponsored plans, or non-qua... Read More »

At what age can I withdraw from my 401k?

You can start taking money out of your 401k without penalty when you turn 59 1/2 or if you retire after you have turned 55. Some plans will allow you to take a hardship withdrawal if you face heavy... Read More »

What happens if I withdraw from college?

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At what age may a person withdraw from a retirement account?

Once a person reaches the age of 59 1/2, she can begin to make withdrawals from a retirement plan. A person does not have to take withdrawals at 59 1/2--she can wait until the mandatory date of Apr... Read More »