What is an HVAC compressor?

Answer A heating, ventilating and air conditioning, or HVAC, compressor is a unit that compresses gas. When it compresses a gas, the temperature of the gas increases. This process is required for the HVAC... Read More »

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How to Find the Tonnage of an HVAC Compressor?

Air conditioning systems are sized using tons as the unit of measurement. Each ton equals 12,000 BTU (British Thermal Units). Knowing the tonnage of your HVAC compressor is vital in case it needs t... Read More »

Signs of HVAC Compressor Failure?

Having your air conditioner fail on a really hot day is at best a nuisance and at worst a health hazard if people in your household cannot tolerate the heat and humidity that an air conditioner ame... Read More »

Should your outdoor HVAC compressor run when your heater is on?

Answerno sounds like your wires are crossed at your thromsthatAnswerIf you have a heat pump system, YES the compressor should run. You can find out if the system is a heat pump usually by looking a... Read More »

In a double door fridge set points are there in both freezer and cooler sections but you see only one compressor How does this single compressor operate for two different set points?

The compressor does all the cooling. Those set points only control the air movements from the cooling coil area to the freezer or fridge side. So! you adjust the air flow for more or less cooling i... Read More »