What is an HID-compliant consumer control device?

Answer HID-compliance refers to USB devices that comply to a set of standards for input devices. HID refers to human interface device. HID-compliant devices are designed to not require separate drivers to... Read More »

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What is a fob in remote control device?

How does a Remote Control operate a device?

For the explanation with graphic. try…Infrared Remote Controls: The ProcessPushing a button on a remote control sets in motion a series of events that cau... Read More »

What is the best and prventive way to birth control device?

Not having intercourse! 100% effective. Well, As long as you do not count Mary!

How can i reinstall my volume control device?

Volume control devices are interfaces on your computer that allow you to change different aspects of the computer's sound system, including the volume of various levels of sound and how volume is t... Read More »