What is an HDMI socket on a TV?

Answer On HDMI TVs, on the rear of the set, you will see a squarish plug in near the AV jacks. The HDMI cord runs from the PS3 straight to the TV without AV jacks. You must go into settings on the system ... Read More »

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If your tv does not have a hdmi socket will you be able to receive hdtv?

Yes. HDTV signal can be used through HDMI, use the Component connections (not to be confused with composite) if your set has it, if not, then s-video and video would all be better than Coaxial cable.

Can an HDMI to DVI then DVI to HDMI adaptor work to remove HDCP from HDMI sources?

It won't work .. or at least not in HD.HDCP requires the end device to be HDCP compatible and to prove it to the originating device (verizon cable box). By converting HDMI to DVI you are a) not ch... Read More »

The electrical plug socket has stopped working in the utility room . I've replaced the socket but ....?

Any chance it's on a separate fuse from the others? Check (carefully!) that power is getting to the wiring at the back of the socket

Is it safe for me to plug a 4 socket surge protecter into a 2 socket stabilizer?

well seeing your not a blonde it should be safe !