What is an Expungement?

Answer If you commit a crime and that offense is removed from your record it is called an expungement. There are specific rules about which offenses are eligible for expungement and which are not. Detail... Read More »

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What is expungement?

In general, the sealing of legal records is called expungement, but different states may have different definitions. Although expungement restricts public access to legal records, law enforcement a... Read More »

What is an expungement of records in California?

California Penal Code Section 1203.4 establishes procedures for having criminal convictions dismissed. The conviction is not "erased" from your record, but penalties and other consequences associat... Read More »

Mississippi Expungement Law?

Mississippi's expungement law involves a court-related action that erases or seals an arrest record or criminal conviction from public records. The process of expunging a record is often referred t... Read More »

California Expungement Law?

California law does allow expungement of your criminal record in certain cases, including convictions. The type of crime you committed and the sentence you received will generally determine whether... Read More »