What is an Exploit Trojan?

Answer When there is something on your computer called "whatever" trojan is something to worry.The name is the least of your problems.

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Ok what can i make besides a mini trojan horse for a project based on the trojan war?

The costumes/clothes/uniforms they wore and representation of the ships or weapons they used, or a model of the city as described by Homer or as excavated (the 7th level I think?) by Scheilman(spel... Read More »

What is an 'Exploit' virus?

Hello ~~Birdy~,A Exploit Kit is a software sold on the Black Market. It is designed to find Web sites that are not secure, Detect what software you have on your computer, what browser, what oper... Read More »

What is an Exploit Rogue Spyware Scanner?

The Exploit Rogue Spyware Scanner is part of a computer virus. The virus will tell you that your computer is infected and instruct you to buy a phony scanner program in order to remove it. This fak... Read More »

What is Exploit script obfuscation (virus)?

I too have received this error before.It is your virus scanner detecting that a malicious script is trying to be run through your web browser(ie Firefox,Internet explorer),.According to Mcafee who ... Read More »