What is an Experian Plus score?

Answer An Experian Plus score is a credit score created to help consumers understand how their management of credit affects their credit score. The score uses a scale from 330 to 830, with higher scores m... Read More »

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What is an Experian score?

Experian is a company that compiles credit scores. An Experian score is the number that takes your credit history into an account and determines the likelihood that you are able to pay off a loan. ... Read More »

What is a good vantage score from experian?

On One Hand: Scores over 700According to the VantageScore website, a score of over 700 gets individuals into the "prime" borrower category. Experian gives scores between 700 and 800 a grade of C. A... Read More »

What is a great credit score from experian or transunion?

Experian and TransUnion both use VantageScore to determine your credit score. The best score you can have with VantageScore is a 990. Anything in the 900s is considered an "A," anything in the 800s... Read More »

Does Experian use the FICO score?

As of 2009, Experian discontinued using the FICO score, due to its disagreements with Fair Isaac, which regulates the scores. However, the company still uses its own scores to judge creditworthines... Read More »