What is an Exhaust Resonator for?

Answer Exhaust resonators use a harmonic balancing principle to modify an automobile's exhaust note. This concept is different from that of a muffler and is largely responsible for the signature sound of ... Read More »

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What is an exhaust resonator?

An exhaust resonator is a device that is used to amplify and reinforce the vehicle's muffler system and in effect, reduce noise. The exhaust resonator creates its own sound waves that work to nulli... Read More »

What does an exhaust resonator do?

Exhaust resonators are common components in car and truck exhaust systems. Resonators are used by some manufacturers on original exhaust systems as well as by aftermarket companies that make custom... Read More »

How to Remove an Exhaust Resonator?

An exhaust resonator on a car acts like a preliminary muffler. It mounts after the catalytic converter, and silences the exhaust an extra step before the muffler. Some people like this, but others ... Read More »

How to Remove Honda Spirit 750 Motorcycle Exhaust Resonator?

Stock ExhaustA simple and quick modification to you stock exhaust pipes on Honda Spirit 750 models (2005 shown) that will give you a loud, deep sound for about $35.