How to Get the Energy Sword in Fable 2?

Answer The energy sword in Fable 2 is a weapon from the Halo gaming world, which has crossed over into Fable as a bonus item requiring a downloaded add-on. The add-on is free with Fable 2 Collector's Edit... Read More »

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How to Draw an Energy Sword?

Swords come in many different forms, sizes, designs and materials. Fantasy and science-fiction movies have often depicted some swords that are far more imaginative than anything used in real histor... Read More »

How to Get the Energy Sword Prop in "Halo III"?

There are several ways for your character to get his mitts on a Covenant Energy Sword in "Halo 3." Energy Swords are short-range weapons used primarily by the honorable Elite soldiers who fight alo... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Energy Sword For Halo?

The Energy Sword from the acclaimed “Halo” video game series is both a ceremonial and practical weapon. Consisting of twin blades of coruscating energy, the Energy Sword has been a favorite han... Read More »

What was the 80's sword and sorcery live active tv series with camp and an unbreakable sword?

The title is "Wordplay" and it's second episode of season one of the 1985 Twilight Zone series.