How to Get the Energy Sword in Fable 2?

Answer The energy sword in Fable 2 is a weapon from the Halo gaming world, which has crossed over into Fable as a bonus item requiring a downloaded add-on. The add-on is free with Fable 2 Collector's Edit... Read More »

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How to Draw an Energy Sword?

Swords come in many different forms, sizes, designs and materials. Fantasy and science-fiction movies have often depicted some swords that are far more imaginative than anything used in real histor... Read More »

How to Get the Energy Sword Prop in "Halo III"?

There are several ways for your character to get his mitts on a Covenant Energy Sword in "Halo 3." Energy Swords are short-range weapons used primarily by the honorable Elite soldiers who fight alo... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Energy Sword For Halo?

The Energy Sword from the acclaimed “Halo” video game series is both a ceremonial and practical weapon. Consisting of twin blades of coruscating energy, the Energy Sword has been a favorite han... Read More »

In what episode of The Wire did Avon Barksdale say ''The old man always said Live by the sword die by the sword.?

Some episode in Season One I think..Sorry i couldn't be of more help