What is an ERP enterprise resource?

Answer An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is somewhat like a grand-scale Microsoft Windows application. Just as Windows gives the average consumer a combination of word processing, financial and... Read More »

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What Is Enterprise Resource Planning in Software Engineering?

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, manages all of the resources necessary to accomplish the goals of the business. In this case, the business goals are to create computer programs using an organ... Read More »

Critical Success Factors Across the Stages of Enterprise Resource Planning?

An enterprise resource planning system integrates the business processes of an organization on one software platform. The six ERP stages are initiation, adoption, adaptation, acceptance, routinizat... Read More »

What Is Enterprise?

An enterprise can be a large and well-functioning business organization, or two college kids who start a lawn-mowing service for summer work, or a trek into uncharted territory in search of some di... Read More »

What Is Enterprise Liability?

According to the Business Dictionary website, enterprise liability is criminal liability imposed on the entire firm for the crime committed by a constituent business, department or unit. The enterp... Read More »