What is an AVI file type?

Answer AVI--the acronym for "audio video interleave"--is a multimedia packaging format created by Microsoft. Files ending in the AVI extension store compressed audio or video data that can be read across ... Read More »

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What type of file uses an underscore as the last character in the file extension?

There are two known files that use an underscore as the last character in their file extension: *.MP_ and *.MV_. The *.MP_ file extension is a mobile sound file used by cell phone companies for rin... Read More »

What is the mdf file type?

A file with the extension .MDF is an image that has been saved to CD or DVD. These file types are also known as Media Disc Image Files and are most often created by disc authoring programs such as ... Read More »

What is an eap file type?

A file that has an extension of EAP is a file associated with Enterprise Architect Project engineering software from Sparx Systems. Enterprise Architect is a visual modeling platform for business, ... Read More »

What is the xps file type?

XPS files contain information written in XPS, a technology developed by Microsoft. The XPS file contains data used to properly display the layout of a file for printing. A number of programs can vi... Read More »