What is an AV fistula?

Answer An arteriovenous fistula, also known as AV fistula, is a medical condition in which blood flows from the arteries into the veins, without going through the capillaries. The bypassing of the normal ... Read More »

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What is canine perianal fistula?

Canine perianal fistula (also known as canine anal furunculosis) is an affliction that causes the formation of an abnormal channel adjacent to the anal canal and the skin surrounding the anus.Risk ... Read More »

What is the difference between Anal Fissure/ Fistula and Hemorrhoid?

Let me define things first. An anal fistula is an abnormal communication or tunnel between your rectum towards your anus, it is commonly caused by an anal abscess, which you said you had. so even ... Read More »

Dialysis: Fistula vs. Graft?

Once a patient's kidneys are no longer functioning, long-term dialysis becomes necessary. To prevent infections in the bloodstream and narrowing of veins, permanent hemodialysis access is favored o... Read More »

Is a fistula gram painful?

Not really. The fistula is stuck, like usually, with a needle. Any intervention may be done with catheters / balloons.