What is an ATSC Tuner?

Answer An ATSC tuner is a TV tuner that is cable of receiving DTV over-the-air signals. It is the replacement for the NTSC standard.NTSCNTSC, or National Television System Committee, was the original stan... Read More »

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What is a built-in atsc tuner?

Television technology has made startling advances within the last decade. Broadcast television signals have made the switch from analog to digital, affecting how our sets receive and process the s... Read More »

What is Integrated ATSC tv tuner?

Answer Hi, An ATSC tuner works by generating audio and video signals that are picked up from over the air TV broadcasts. ATSC tuners provide the following functions: demodulation, transport stream... Read More »

What is an integrated ATSC tuner?

Integrated digital TV tuners, sometimes called ATSC tuners as they comply to the standards set by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), are digital TV tuners that are already built into... Read More »

What is an ATSC& a NTSC tuner?

NTSC was the technical specification for analog TV signals in the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Tonga and other countries, first implemented in the 1940s. ATSC is the superseding specificatio... Read More »