What is an AC power cord?

Answer Alternating current (AC) occurs when electrical utilities periodically reverse their direction of movement of electrical current. Household utility current in most countries is AC. An AC power cord... Read More »

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Is the power cord for the PlayStation 3 the same as a computer power cord?

The PlayStation 3 power cable requires a three-prong adapter that is similar to those required for most personal computers and some printers. This power cable is interchangeable with these systems... Read More »

Can you buy a dryer power cord longer than 6 feet if you cannot install the stacked washer and dryer with the standard 6 foot cord?

A longer cord may not allow the dryer to work to its full potential (ie longer to dry clothes) because of the voltage and current drops. Better to have the outlet moved. You can purchase a Petra 90... Read More »

TV power cordsI have an Astar tv and a Vizio tv and I was wondering if they use the same power cord.?

What is the name of PS2 power cord?

There is no specific name for a Sony PlayStation 2 game console power cord other than power cord. The 110V PS2 power cord connects from the wall to the unit's AC adapter, which in turn powers the u... Read More »