What is an 8086 microprocessor?

Answer In 1978, an 8-bit microprocessor from Zilog Inc., the Z80, dominated the nascent home-computer marketplace, so IBM crafted a competitor---the 8086---a CPU that continues to influence microprocessor... Read More »

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Write a program in 8086 assembly languvage that copies a string to a nother memory?

The instructions needed to answer the basic question may be found here:…

What is a 16-bit microprocessor?

A 16-bit microprocessor is a low-powered processor that can process 16 binary digits, or "bits," of data at the same time. By the end of the 1970s, many processors were already 16-bit.References:We... Read More »

What is an ARM microprocessor?

The ARM Cortex Application Processors are designed to give 2 gigahertz or more speed for the new wave of wireless technology. They can be used in many devices, such as smartphones, netbooks, and di... Read More »

What is a microprocessor used for?

A microprocessor is used to perform arithmetic and logic operations in a computer system. It is also used to fetch data from one location to another and perform computations with this data.Referenc... Read More »