How to Calculate the Measure of the Central Angle of a Regular Ten Sided Polygon?

Answer A central angle of a polygon is the angle created from the center point of the polygon to two adjacent vertices. A regular polygon is defined as a polygon where all sides and interior angles are co... Read More »

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What is a ten-sided figure called?

Mathematicians refer to a ten-sided polygon as a "decagon." The word "decagon" comes from two Greek root words: "deka," meaning "ten," and "gonia," meaning "angle." The decagonal shape is still pop... Read More »

How to Draw a Polygon?

Want to draw a multi-sided polygon? Here it is! These steps applies to any types of polygon and you can do this with just a pencil and a ruler!

How to Construct a Polygon?

Constructing a polygon is a fun geometry skill that can also be instructive in learning about shapes, angles and geometry. The word polygon comes from Greek "polus", which means many and "gonia" wh... Read More »

What is a chevron polygon?

In mathematical terms, a quadrilateral polygon, also known as a chevron polygon, is a closed, straight-lined, two-dimensional plane with four sides, and is composed of two pair of consecutive congr... Read More »