How to Pretend You Have Amnesia?

Answer This could be a lot of fun!

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My Printer keeps getting amnesia?

poor thing. When a device does this to me I do a hard install. I go to the device manager and select update drivers. You can also go to the HP website and type in the model number of your printer a... Read More »

How to Help Someone Suffering from Dissociative Amnesia?

Dissociative amnesia is a condition often triggered by trauma in a person's life. A person suffering from dissociative amnesia will forget important personal information about themselves and events... Read More »

Amnesia wont work for me please help me to fix it?

Graphics cards are soldered to the motherboard in most laptops. You don't replace the graphics card - you can replace the driver (for free) or replace the whole motherboard (not free and not usual... Read More »

Retrograde Amnesia and Cancer Treatment?

Retrograde amnesia is a form of memory loss in which a person cannot remember anything that occurred before a traumatic event. The traumatic event could be an accident, grievous injury to the nervo... Read More »