Do any dentist still use amalgam?

Answer Yes; however, many dentists preffer not to because of the toxicity the amalgam puts off due to it being composed of mercury & alloy. Reffer to the youtube video titled The Smoking Tooth. Its really... Read More »

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Questions about an amalgam filling?

say. umm, you know, amalgam is a metal alloy. so, maybe its because of the environmental condition. it's maybe affected by the weather. nothing to worry about since it doesn't hurt.

A question about removing teeth that have amalgam fillings?

Yes, they can be pulled out just like a tooth that doesn't have them. The only problems they may have is if the tooth is really heavily filled and they may be more liable to break while being extra... Read More »

I had 2 amalgam fillings removed today without realising the dangers to my nursing infant. What should i do?

Read this:…My sister is a dental hygienist, and a nursing mom. While she doesn't advocate amalgam fillings in any circumstances, and is aware that some ... Read More »

Why is there sensitivity for postoperative amalgam restoration how to deal with this case any dental material recommended?

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