How Can I Tell Altitude on a Map?

Answer The altitude of a position is its height above sea level. On topographical maps the altitude is usually measured in meters. By looking at contour lines and spot heights on topographical maps, you c... Read More »

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At what altitude do most jet planes fly?

Commercial airliners are assigned a cruising altitude of between 28,000 and 33,000 feet. This altitude will vary based on air traffic, size of the plane and distance of the flight. Longer flights w... Read More »

What is the cruising altitude of a 747?

There is no specific cruising altitude for a Boeing 747. Cruising altitude is the height at which the maximum fuel efficiency can be achieved and that depends on wind speed, temperature, cargo load... Read More »

What is the first aid for altitude sickness?

If you have the symptoms of AMS, you shouldn't ascend any higher. You should:rest make sure you drink enough fluids take painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen if you have a headache take an... Read More »

What Happens to Hearing When You Go Down in Altitude?

If you've ever been on a plane, you probably remember something strange happening to your ears, both as the plane was taking off and as it was descending. It comes on as a feeling of pressure in th... Read More »