What is all that fuzz about tiping in the USA?

Answer I tend to agree with you. I think they should do away with it. For one thing, it's confusing sometimes on who to tip, what to tip on and how much. Then there is the built in tip, which I personally... Read More »

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Do guys care about peach fuzz.?

Dont worry what guys think you have to have confidence. Yes some idiots wont like it but those are the ones that want you for your body. Dont worry though, its normal and no one else will mind

Caught By the Fuzz: Got a favourite song about law enforcement officers/agencies?

"Hate the Police" - Mudhoney…"Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad" - The Clash…

What is the best jumper fuzz away gadget?

D'yer know, its funny you should ask this question Mo for I have been experimenting with a gadget for doing that very same thing. Basically as I have one or two snags to clear up it works like this... Read More »

What causes a flat screen (LCD) tv to have green fuzz?

I suspect the lvds cable is your problem. I've seen it many times. This is the cable that goes from the main board to the t-con on the back of the panel. Sometimes this cable needs to be disconnect... Read More »