What is alkyd enamel paint?

Answer Alkyd enamel is a hard-drying type of paint commonly referred to as oil paint. This type of paint can be used outdoors or inside on high-use areas.AlkydTypically, most modern house paints have thre... Read More »

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How to Mix an Automotive Enamel Reducer for a Gallon of Acrylic Enamel Paint?

Automotive acrylic enamel paint must be mixed with a reducer and hardener before application with a paint gun. The reducer allows the paint to flow from the paint gun smoothly. The hardener, someti... Read More »

How to Remove Alkyd Paint?

Even the most experienced painter who diligently covers floors with drop cloths can still find a paint drip that miraculously made its way through. Don't despair if some alkyd paint on your carpet... Read More »

Can i paint latex enamel over oil-based enamel?

On One Hand: You Can Paint Over Most SurfacesTo paint over a previously painted surface--in this case, alkyd (oil-based) semi-gloss or gloss paint--you must clean it first for the paint to stick; a... Read More »

Can you use lacquer paint over alkyd primer?

I am wondering why you would want to use lacquer. What are you painting ? A house ? A boat ? Furniture ? E-mail me at and we can discuss.