What is alkyd enamel paint?

Answer Alkyd enamel is a hard-drying type of paint commonly referred to as oil paint. This type of paint can be used outdoors or inside on high-use areas.AlkydTypically, most modern house paints have thre... Read More »

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How to Mix an Automotive Enamel Reducer for a Gallon of Acrylic Enamel Paint?

Automotive acrylic enamel paint must be mixed with a reducer and hardener before application with a paint gun. The reducer allows the paint to flow from the paint gun smoothly. The hardener, someti... Read More »

Can you mix alkyd paint with latex paint?

Th e short answer is NO! oil (alkyd) and water (latex) do not mix! there are however coating additives that are available that will allow this BUT only if they are incorporated into the original co... Read More »

Can i paint latex enamel over oil-based enamel?

On One Hand: You Can Paint Over Most SurfacesTo paint over a previously painted surface--in this case, alkyd (oil-based) semi-gloss or gloss paint--you must clean it first for the paint to stick; a... Read More »

How to Remove Alkyd Paint?

Even the most experienced painter who diligently covers floors with drop cloths can still find a paint drip that miraculously made its way through. Don't despair if some alkyd paint on your carpet... Read More »