How are college football teams ranked in the polls?

Answer Three different polls rank college football teams. The USA Today Coaches Poll utilizes the votes of 59 head coaches. Sportswriters vote in the Associated Press poll. The Harris Interactive Poll use... Read More »

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What is the highest ranked college in the nation for speech pathologists?

In 2008, U.S. News and World Report ranked the University of Iowa the top graduate school for speech pathology in the U.S. The master's and the doctorate in Speech Pathology & Audiology are granted... Read More »

The Season Differences Between Alabama & Japan?

Alabama and Japan do not announce their connection blatantly. The Southern state's camellia does feature a bloom as attractive as the cherry blossom of Tokyo, yet the similarities would appear to e... Read More »

When does hunting season start in Alabama?

The hunting season generally starts around October 15 for bow or spear hunting in Alabama, and around November 15 for other forms of hunting. Note that rules are variable on a county by county basi... Read More »

When does rifle hunting season start in Northeast Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, including the northeastern portion of the state, gun hunting season begins on Nov. 21. This includes rifles and other guns, except specific muzzle-loading guns and is as of... Read More »