What is al servo mode?

Answer This af mode is when you are focusing on subjects that are changing distance , it will continuously focus IE sporting event , now just use al focus and it will switch from one shot or al servo when... Read More »

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How to know when your titrating to switch to bipap or bipap st mode or the servo?

Settings, phone, tty off. if wnt turn off, call Apple Support 800-694-7466. Check out for helpful information.

When do you switch to Build Mode Buy Mode and Live Mode?

on your tool box there should be the options you can change it anytime. U should detail your question a little more.

How to Use Servo Motors?

Servo motors are commonly used in remote control vehicles and small robots. Servos are small rectangular boxes with a motor shaft at the top of the box and three connection wires coming out the opp... Read More »

How to Install a 200-4R Servo?

The 200-4R servo, short for servomechanism, is a device installed onto an automobile which controls the steering and braking force applied by the driver. When purchased, it comes as a kit that incl... Read More »