What is airborne medicine?

Answer Airborne is a dietary supplement that is used to support or strengthen the immune system. The product's package, ingredients, and manufacturing are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.His... Read More »

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Which unit is better for an aspiring Army Ranger the 101st airborne or 82nd airborne and why?

Honestly? There'd be little difference. If you wanted to go into Ranger Regiment, and felt you were up to the task, you'd enlist under a RIP contract, and go straight into a Ranger Battalion after ... Read More »

Is western medicine just applied statistics What then is alternative medicine?

Statistics is the powerful tool used to cut through masses of data and decide whether product A is responsible for effect X or whether that effect is down purely to chance. It can also show whether... Read More »

If you guys don't trust traditional medicine, what makes you think that herbal medicine works better?

Everyone here is citing the "because we see it work" reason (which I often agree with), but I'm more in favor of the "becasue it's less dangerous and likely to hurt you reason." (for the same reas... Read More »

What is the next big frontier in medicine Is it Energy Medicine?

it isn't real medicine if you're not risking your life by using it.