What is agood mascara if you want really really thick eyelashes?

Answer Maybelline! I have been dying to answer a question about mascara lol! Because maybelline mascaras are amazing!!!! Try falsies it's great for thick long lashes and goes on with practically no clumps... Read More »

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How to Make Eyelashes Long and Thick With Mascara?

Have you ever wanted your eyelashes to look dramatic and beautiful? Well here is how - Now there are many people who look everywhere for mascaras , and fake eyelashes. But there's no need for that!... Read More »

Looking for a thick mascara that will give me long thick lashes Drug store brand?

Maybelline do great mascaras!!It depends on each person which maybelline mascara they like BUT you should totally just try for your selfI live in the UK and it costs me around £6/£7 And honestly ... Read More »

How to Get All the Mascara Off Your Eyelashes?

Most women aren't born with dark, thick eyelashes. Luckily, mascara makes lashes look long and beautiful. There are mascaras that lengthen or thicken, and even mascaras that are waterproof, but g... Read More »

Best mascara for eyelashes?

I've tried many and I just love Estee Lauder's Double Wear- Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara- last really long and comes off easy with any face wash/soap and water.Ask for a free sample wherever th... Read More »