What is aggressive ovarian cancer?

Answer Ovarian cancer can be tricky to diagnosis as symptoms often resembles those of other and more common conditions. Irritable bowel syndrome, stress and depression are frequent misdiagnoses. Women are... Read More »

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How likely am i to get ovarian cancer?

Highly unlikely. But you can have a test done. However since you have no symptoms I doubt your insurance company will pay for it.

Can you get ovarian cancer at age 23?

Yes, You can. Unfortunately there are many other reasons for the symptoms you may be feeling besides ovarian cancer, so the only person to know is your gynecologist. I am sure he can put your mind ... Read More »

Can men get ovarian cancer?

Hives & Ovarian Cancer?

Early detection is a key part of the successful treatment of ovarian cancer. Doctors use internal imaging tests to locate and diagnose the cancer. The dye used in some of these tests, like CT scan... Read More »