What is aggregate insurance?

Answer In the insurance industry, the term "aggregate" or "aggregate limit" refers to the maximum amount that a certain policy will pay out during a specified period. Insurance policies with aggregate lim... Read More »

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Aggregate Insurance Policies?

Aggregate insurance policies are most often included in liability policies, and can be spread across many different types of insurance. They are designed to provide a limitation of coverage provide... Read More »

What is commercial general aggregate insurance?

There are two limits of commercial liability insurance that you need to consider when purchasing a policy. The first is what the policy will pay max for one loss during the policy term. This is cal... Read More »

What does general aggrEGATE insurance cover?

Aggregate = per year, which generally is the policy period.

If no aggregate amount is stated on an umbrella policy of years ago is there one Policy states 5mill per occurrence nothing else company says aggregate is 5 mill I cant agree Any recourse?

file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.