What year did Agent Orange spraying stop in Vietnam?

Answer Agent Orange is the code name for an herbicide developed by the U.S. Military. Its objective was to deny cover to the enemy by removing foliage from trees and shrubs. The military stopped spraying ... Read More »

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What Kinds of Aircraft Were Used to Transport & Spray Agent Orange?

Agent Orange, one of several herbicides the United States Air Force used during The Vietnam War, destroyed jungle paths and vital crops of enemy combatants. First dropped on South Vietnam, the dead... Read More »

How did us army use napalm and agent orange?

AO was the mission of the USAF and they dropped that material via aircraft to destroy forests. Napalm could be either dropped, again, mostly by the USAF, but Naval/Marine aircraft also dropped the ... Read More »

Where was Agent Orange sprayed in Vietnam?

Spraying of Agent Orange happened throughout Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The cities receiving the largest amounts were Saigon, Ben Hoa, Cu Chi, and Tay Ninh. The U.S. Military developed Agent O... Read More »

Why did the us army store agent orange in Vietnam?

Answer It was used as a defoilant to deny cover and concealment to the NVA/VC.