After you kill your uncle in gta china town wars what is after that?

Answer You receive an email telling you about two golden lions, if you find both of them you unlock two extra missions, after that, play to 100%!

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What is the meaning of D-Mass that is in the parentheses that is right after an officer's name?

Not especially. While it is possible to be hired as an FBI agent with a CJ degree, the FBI generally looks for people with education and background in law (as in a juris doctor degree from a law sc... Read More »

Is there anyone that has been through a heart transplant, that can tell me what to expect before and after?

Having a 'valve job' is similar to a transplant in the respect that they are both cardiac surgeries...and recover times are similar. Where to start..well if you need a new 'pump' then you probably ... Read More »

According to a commercial I saw Buffy was supposed to end after season 4 does anyone know what happened that it got renewed not that I'm not happy about it but still?

Buffy continued for a total of 7 seasons on screen. The first 5 seasons were on the WB network; season 6 and 7 on UPN. Seasons 8 and 9 have continued in graphic novel form, and are considered canon... Read More »

What does it mean a clear discharge right after you have sex with your husband somethings come out or a day after you have sexis that the reason why you cant be pregnant?

The clear discharge is your normal lubrication that increases during sex because you are aroused. The semen he leaves inside of you have to come out somewhere and there's only one way out. Sperms a... Read More »