Hard Rock Cafe vs. planet Hollywood?

Answer Planet Hollywood

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How much are food + drinks at Hard Rock Cafe?

It depends on what you will be eating...there is a big difference between a cheeseburger/fires and the New York strip steak dinner.When we eat at a place like that, I normally plan on ~$30 a person... Read More »

What street is Times Square on?

Times Square, the center of New York City's theater district, is a triangular-shaped square bounded by Broadway Avenue to the south, E. 42nd Street to the west and E. 44th Street to the east.Refere... Read More »

Can you recommend a reasonably priced restaurant/cafe/bistro in Union Square (San Francisco).?

Hello Bruce-It's hard to get a cheese burger for $10-$15 in San Francisco, so you've got a lot of people stumped! I have a few ideas for you, that should be very close to your price range, and a co... Read More »

What is the best place to eat near Times Square?

I ate at Rue 57 when I was there, 60 West 57th St, about 10min walk out of times square, but fantastic eating.