What is additional child tax credit for?

Answer The additional child tax credit is a credit of $1,000 per qualifying child on your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax return. There are certain guidelines that must be met in order to claim the cre... Read More »

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What is the age limit for the additional child tax credit?

Children must be under the age of 17 on the last day of the year to qualify for the child tax credit, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Taxpayers who claim the child tax credit and meet ce... Read More »

Is additional child tax credit subject to the bankruptcy trustee?

You are entitled to keep the full amount of any tax refund that comes from the Additional Child Tax Credit or Earned Income Credit, according to One Stop Bankruptcy, the website for attorney Seymou... Read More »

How do I add additional authorized credit card users?

Over the PhoneContact your credit card company and tell it you would like to add an authorized user to your account. The telephone number is listed on your billing statement or the company's websit... Read More »

The Effect of an Additional Credit Line on a Debt to Income Ratio?

The debt to income ratio for a borrower is the percentage of monthly debt obligation in relation to his monthly income. The lower the debt to income ratio, the better a borrower's chance at gaining... Read More »